Saturday, October 17, 2015

Wherein my Plans for The StarCluster 4 Big Book o' Possibilities are Revealed

Imagine this: You go to a website and are presented with a page of choices. You have a choice of chargen and skill-handling method. You select broad skills with specializations, and stacking templates for Far Future times. For Resolution Mechanics, you choose StarNova because you like d6 additive dice pools with exploding sixes. You check off Far Future Vehicles and Starships, because you envision a lot of space travel. You then select a setting, one where humans are just exploring and know nothing. You name your grouping, select DONE, and receive a pdf, ready to print. It's basically a custom designed game, based on what you are interested in.


  1. VERY interesting. Get the stuff you like the best.

  2. It's coming, Bon bon! I'm working on it now. :D