Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Dream LARP

Last night I had a dream. Not my usual boring fly-on-the-wall slice-of-americana- life dream, though! No "Honey, I got the potatoes!" "Good! Put them in the kitchen dear!" dream about people I didn't know!

I dreamed I was part of a group of larpers - I've never larped in my life, btw - and my smaller bunch was humans from a merchanter exploring a gigantic abandoned alien space ship. There were five or six other groups - aliens of various types - also exploring the ship. We were scavenging anything small, and hoping to eventually take the entire ship.

The game was set in an enormous empty office building, and the only furniture in it was props. There was no system - we were using laser tag pistols and collapsible knives - but we all had characters we were playing. We captured a girl - the player was maybe 18 - who was playing some dinosaur species, by hitting a button on the back of her neck, signifying a knock-out.

We were carrying these big poster board things signifying the members of the other groups we were against, with a quick sketch of each of those members we had taken out. We questioned the girl we captured, and got her to give us information about her saurian group - who the leader was, how many there were, etc. - and filled in the blanks on our posters. I have no idea why they were so big, or why they were not electronic,but it made sense in the dream. I think it was because they really were electronic. They wiped clean with a swipe, and the stylus/pen painted like a brush, and could change colors. Why they were that size and why we carried one for each opposing group I don't know. In any case, dino-gal switched sides joined us for the rest of the dream.

Then a bell rang and we stopped for the night, intending to return the next day. The premise was very interesting for me - usually in scenarios like this it is all exploration, or going up against the ship's automated defenses. The added complication of numerous small parties from other ships was a great addition. 

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