Thursday, January 14, 2016

Supers and Insurance!

In our Saturday, face to face, game, we are playing Look! Up In The Sky!, my son Klaxon's game, as a High School for Gifted Students thing. One of the touches I really like in this particular setting - there is no default setting, as everything is generated randomly - is that supers mostly belong to a Meta-Human guild, which gives them government-sponsored low-cost insurance for things they break in the course of their duties. Now your rating determines how much the insurance covers, and that rating is determined by your power level and by previous payouts.

So, in effect, the more bad things you do, and the bigger the damage you cause, the lower your insurance coverage, so the government doesn't end up in effect subsidizing villains. Also, it acts like a purely voluntary registration law - the insurance companies have to know just who they are insuring, after all! So you could opt out of registering, but if you are caught, you are liable for damages. The vast majority of non-registered supers are thus street-level people who don't do much collateral damage, but there are the occasional batman-types who work on a high level, but never register.

I really like this concept!

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