Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Teruvar: Sapient Worldlets in Jeshen Space

One of the ten systems in Jeshen Space is the home of the Teruvar, a gigantic sapient species who live in free fall. They face their sun in orbit in the Goldilocks Zone of that star, soaking up and utilizing the solar energy. When a free-falling Teruvar egg lands on a rocky body, it burrows into it, consuming and changing the rocks into part of itself. Over time it begins rotating and expands out into a thick, hollow, rounded disc, with a transparent membrane keeping air inside, and letting in the sunlight.

There is a spire in the center, reaching almost to the membrane, covered with reflective 'leaves' which scatter the light around into the interior. Living things have evolved in the hollow interior, an individual ecology for each Teruvar, which work as sort of intestinal flora and fauna for the host. No two Teruvar are alike, though they are similar enough to know that the root creatures everything evolves from are a part of each egg. They communicate with each other by reflecting light in flashes out the membrane.

There are many Teruvar in the "shell" orbiting the star, but seven of them have invited Jeshen and Humans to live inside them. They are curious and intelligent, and enjoy the company. These seven have each extruded a dock opposite the spike and membrane window, at the center of rotation, to accept Jeshen Space ships.

Inhabitants of the seven can speak with their Teruvar host by addressing any natural place by the Teruvar's name. The Teruvar's internal sensors can hear and reply. It is oddly like addressing a real living god, though the Teruvar have not asked for worship.

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