Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Outrremer Session 2

My Sunday IRC Outremer campaign shifted into higher gear last weekend. The Fakir Timur, a half Djinn, went to meet with the Bedouin tribe which had found - it was reported - the grave of Isa, AKA Jesus of Nazareth. Timur and the tribe's Sheik came to agreement, and sent Timur the next day with the boy Ishaq, one of the shepherds who had found the tomb, into the Judean desert to view the tomb. The tomb was situated in the south wall of a wadi - a dry or seasonal watercourse - high up, behind a bush. The boys had been searching for a lost sheep, and found the tomb by accident.

On the outside of the tomb, incised into the limestone, were crosses and a fish, ancient Christian signs. In the tomb, Timur found an empty sarcophagus labelled (in Hebrew) Yusuf ben Eli, Joseph son of Eli, and about thirty amphorae, tall wine jars, each sealed with wax and a Hebrew inscription, except for two the shepherd boys had opened. Inside the first amphora were almost a dozen scrolls, each sewn up inside a leather casing.

Timur took that amphora, promising to return it to the tribe, to the Association in the Abbey of St. Origen in Tiberias. Upon examination, the eleven scrolls proved to be copies of some biblical books, along with some apocrypha, some rare manuscripts, and some accounting, in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. It appeared to be someone's library from a long time ago. If the other amphorae held similar documents, they may prove immensely valuable to the Association. The Master Librarian, Rupert Giles, was greedy and lusting openly after the books. After a long discussion, the Association dispatched the Dervish Ibrahim to the Bedouin tribe, where he met with the Sheik, promising to buy all the amphorae, letting him know that others with less holy designs may try to take them. The Sheik promised to send his son to the tomb to guard it.

Ibrahim returned to Tiberias in his Dervish way, and Symeon announced his creations were completed, so plans were made - Rupert to be dispatched with a wagon and some of the elite horses Timur had been training, one to gift to the Sheik, and two to sell, to buy livestock for the tribe. the others would depart on the morrow, on Symeon's flying devices, to Petra in Aqaba, to see this rod of Moses in person.

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