Monday, March 28, 2016

Two Campaigns Ending!

Two of my campaigns ended this weekend. My face to face game of Saturday was a high school supers game using the Look! Up In The Sky! rules. It ended with the big dance, wherein Velvet's date Ghost Wolf almost showed up naked and invisible in a protest, Travis T's date went despite her dad - a super called Stormcloud - refusing to let her go, and with Stormcloud showing up at the dance, a mafia hit going down at the dinner before the dance, and aliens attempting to abduct Travis and his date Rouge, cutting a hole in the roof of the dance hall and beaming them up. We plan to get back to this game later. Next on tap is StarWars-ish Episode VII, playtesting the StarCluster 4 rules, so I have to have this playable by next Saturday. :D

My Sunday IRC campaign was an Outremer game, where the PCs were relic hunters chasing down the Rod of Moses. It was found in a cave by a kid near Petra, but stolen by a Djinniya an Efrit Princess named Summarya. Summarya claimed she was forced to do it by a sorcerer, whom the PCs identified as the Vizier of the Emir of Aqaba, who commanded three personal Djinn as well as a giant mechanical roc, which he used to steal pretty prepubescent girls from all over Outremer. The battle royal included a terrible battle on flying carpets against the roc, bottling the weakest djinn, finding a way for one of them to get past the Efrit, and neutralizing the Marid so that the final battle was between the Sufi and the Vizier, the Sufi armed only with words and a token of flame from Summarya. The Emir was defeated by the Sufi's relentless religious logic, and recanted before dying. The PCs rescued over a hundred young girls, who will mostly be returned to their families - mostly because some will surely be refused as no longer virgin. We are deciding what to do next in our session next Sunday - possibly a return to StarCluster and Jeshen Space. If so, I may make them change over to StarCluster 4 rules, so I can be running two Alpha playtests! :D

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