Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A plea for help!

So, I am getting real close to finished with the version of StarCluster 4 that is to be locked down - fully described setting, all players to be part of a given organization, small subset of weapons and equipment available, only one resolution system... I have been calling it the Default version, as in "This is the default, no choice version designed not to intimidate people like StarCluster 3 did."

It's going to be 100-150 pages, as opposed to 470 for StarCluster 3 DE. All the choices and generators I stuffed into SC3 will be removed to supplementary materials, along with background and tech stuff.

Here's the thing: I think "Default" is an awful name! But what the hell should I call it? In desperation, I beg you people to please come up with something better!

Thank you in advance!


  1. StarCluster4: Core Edition

    - Marchand

  2. Understand first that I know next to nothing about the game. I’m commenting solely on the impression of the words.

    I agree that “Default” is not very exciting. “Core Edition” sounds good. It does carry a connotation that the default system is core to all the other resolution systems. Is that true?

    “Basic Resolution System” – gives you an acronym BRS and lots of people like acronyms. Of course lots of other people hate ‘em so there you go. Also basic can have a connotation that it is for people who just can’t handle advanced resolution. Basic D&D vs. Advanced D&D seemed to carry some of that connotation.

    “Star Cluster Fundamentals” has a similar meaning to basic but possibly with less negative connotations. And Fundamentals has less of the implication that the default resolution is central to all other resolution systems than does “Core Edition.”

  3. Hi Marchand, Gaston's Hat!

    I got the name I wanted from my son - and requent collaborator - Klaxon. His suggestion has a lot in common with Gaston's Fundamentals - Zero Stage. I am very happy with it! Thank you both! All your suggestions were on target and much better than Default! :D

  4. Nice. Can't wait to see the finished product. - Marchand