Thursday, May 19, 2016

Unifactoid World

Unifactoid World is a moderately-sized asteroid some 22 km on it’s long axis, in orbit 2 around Wahoo, just outside of Hound City’s orbit. It is covered in grass, trees, and water, inside an envelope of air retained artificially by extensive gravitic plating. It contains one city, Unifactoid City, 8500 people strong. All employed by Unifactoid, which owns the hotels, the spaceport, the casinos, the building, the housing, the asteroid, the air, and the water.

The entire asteroid is easily accessible by ground vehicle - even bicycle. There are some lovely places sculpted into the little world, popular for picnics, camping out, and general recreation. Crater Lake, The Ripples, Corkscrew Falls, and The Glade are all popular destinations. The area around the Spaceport remains airless and gravless, so big ships can come right in.

Unifactoid World is how The Agency maintains its independence from politics. The world is technically an Allied Human world, and as such is a free agent, by Jeshen Space’s own laws.

As for being wandering, the Agency maintains a fleet of 10 identical 250 ton News-ships, one stationed in each system of Jeshen Space. There are also 3 identical 600 ton News-ships, which go wherever the news is most urgent. All the ships are news agencies in miniature, with investigative, illustrative, and disseminative services. They also legally constitute the Space Navy of Unifactoid World - and can be called on in emergencies as Allies.

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