Monday, May 23, 2016

IHW Napoleonic Naval Session - Awesome Player Salute!

Yesterday, in our Napoleonic Naval IRC game, the party's ship had previously captured a pirate ship and two of it's prizes in Sabine Lake, between the new American territory of Louisiana and Spanish Tejas. Mr. Woodland had taken the cutter to find where some of the pirates had fled to in their boats. Pirates are lousy fighters, and seldom do much to a well-trained warship.

While the pirate's ship was repaired - the PC's HMS Avalon had pounded its larboard side into one gaping hole with devastating fire - Mr. Woodland and the crew of the cutter poked into bayou after bayou draining into the lake's eastern shore. Most quickly petered out, and none had any sign of recent passage. Then they found one with torn vegetation along the nebulous banks. Something had come this way!

They found a long shack on stilts above the floodplain with three ship's boats tied up to the legs and smoke coming from a smoke hole in the roof. The lieutenant called for sneaky volunteers to go in and scout the place out. I as GM asked the other players if the wanted to play these volunteers. They all agreed, and four ex-thieves slipped forward though the swamp towards the shack.

They were GLORIOUS! They were AMAZING! They were funny and touching and brave and opportunistic, and SO MUCH FUN! They caused mayhem, rescued two prisoners, slithered through outhouse holes - one of them was a practiced chimney thief nicked Smokey AKA Father Christmas - and signaled the rest to come in at the perfect time, after they threw lit grenados into the shack and caused death, fires, and panic.

I salute my awesome players! Well done! Well done!

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