Friday, April 1, 2011

Going to the Grand Roludothon

I will be going to the Grand Roludothon - a con in Montreal - June 11-12. I intend to run one StarCluster 3 game, and one other game - I'm soliciting recommendations on just which. So far, I've had requests for In Harm's Way: Dragons! and In Harm's Way: A Napoleonic Naval RPG. Once I figure out which one I'm running, I'll tailor an adventure to the time slot, and run it with my group to confirm the time.

Last time I ran games at a con, I went insane, and ran too many. This time, I will be prudent. Running only two should be sufficient. Now I've got to construct an adventure for SC 3. I'm thinking of running a short scenario I ran with my group once before, where thee PCs were the crew of a merchant spaceship - all of them either Uplifts, bioroids, or robots working off their indenture for the company. My other choice is to set up a new one. Any advice would be appreciated! :D


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