Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Society of Night Update

Also being designed under the StarCluster 3 license is Society of Night by Michael Scott and Randolph Allen. SoN is a vampire society game, with Vamp Houses locked in a constant battle for dominance and territory. Unlike Blood Games, SoN has sexy vamps - they can do the dirty, and even have children. In SoN, vampirism is caused by a virus, and can be transmitted on purpose, allowing humans to be "turned".

SoN Vamp Society is highly structured. On top are True Born Vampyres - children born to two other True Born vamps. These are rare and precious. Only True Borns can breed, and they become heads of their Houses in time. They age extremely slowly once they hit puberty and their Vamp natures come to the surface, eventually stopping any aging.

Turned Vamps were once human, but have become infected by the virus. They cannot have children via sex, only by "turning" people. They do not age once they have been 'turned".

Dhamphyrs are the children of True Born vamps and humans. They age slowly, and can walk in the light, but are not immortal. They are usually female, and normally are "Turned" at some point.

Servitors are humans addicted to Vamp blood. This extends their lifespans and gives them some vampiric powers. They can also walk in the light, but have shorter lifespans than Dhamphyrs. Their role is to protect and care for the Vamps during the day. Faithful and useful Servitors are usually rewarded by being "Turned".

Gifteds are humans who have some PSI powers. These they are born with, not given by the virus. They live a normal human lifespan, and can pass on their Gifts.

SoN has a currently full Chargen and skill list, and uses the StarPerc resolution sub-system. it is set in the modern day or near future. Eventually, the designers want to extend their line by bringing in other races - Fay, Weres, Ghosts, etc. It's currently in alpha playtest in Baton Rouge, with online bluebooking, set in the near future. A previous version was played last year based on StarCluster 2, but this one is intended for publication.



  1. I wish them luck, this kind of gaming is dominated by a certain game company, and I suspect it will be a hard sell.

  2. Of course! They know that going in - Michael Scott is a pro. He's been designing RPGs since there were RPGs to design. He and I wrote In Harm's Way: Wild Blue together a few years ago. SoN is a very different game than Vampire once you get past the surface similarities, and there's definitely a market out there for that kind of thing, if they can find it. 3

    The fact that there are half a dozen successful supers game didn't stop you from writing Hearts & Souls, now, did it? And I seem to remember a rather successful fantasy game out there when you released High Valor... :D


  3. Hehe! That I can believe! :D