Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mo' 'tivations - from Klax!

From Klax:

'So, I was thinking about some common motivations, and came up with a few, but it was harder to come up with an opposing motivation.

Glory <=> Rectify
Glory is the search for fame and fortune through good works
Rectification is the doing of good work solely for setting things right
Preservation <=> Selfishness
Preservation would be working towards maintaining the status quo
Selfishness would be working towards advancing your own wants and desires, and to hell with anyone else.
Love <=> Hate
Love would be fighting for love, protecting your family, finding your lost love, etc.
Hate would be fighting through hate, Racism, sexism, all the -isms, Years of slights, built up, etc.
Fear <=> Bloodlust
Fear is fighting from being frightened, I'm scared of clowns, so I will fight clowns (Could also call this bravery)
Bloodlust is fighting for the sheer fun or love of fighting
Honor <=> Pride
This is similar to Justice <=> Privilege, but I feel this is more personal
Reciprocation <=> Acceptance
Reciprocation is doing unto everyone, what others have done to you
Acceptance is fighting to be accepted by the populous
(These two are very x-men.)

Singular Goal <=> Indifference
This is an odd duck, as there are plenty of heroes who fight for oddly specific goals, this may not be suitable in the main game, as these kinds of characters don't often mesh well with others, but they'd be great for one-time characters, or NPC's to get a campaign going. Heroes or villains who have this motivation are those that fight to kill one specific person, or perhaps find a specific treasure/relic/place, etc.

Maybe motivations should change depending on how specific or broad they are?
The more specific, the more die bonus?"

I love these!


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