Friday, April 22, 2011

Outremer Playtesting

Feedback is coming in from the Outremer playtesting. As a result, I've started fine tuning the game based on feedback from the playtesters.

  • I added a bunch of name lists/generators in an appendix for Frankish, Arabic, Armenian, Sephardic Jewish, Kurdish, Greek, Bohemian, and Turkish male and female period names. I figure it's easy enough to find English, French, Italian, and German names that I won't bother, but these others are different enough that they need something in the game. Kurdish surnames were the most difficult, as there just was nothing out there on how they formed patronyms back in the 16th century. Eventually I decided to use Arabic ibn, bin, and bint with Kurdish first names. The Kurds in Outremer would be outside their homelands anyway.

  • I put in relationships between the various nations of Outremer in each nation at the end of the description - i.e Nation X has Friendly relations with Nation Y, and Good realtions with Nation Z, but relations with Nation A are Strained, and with Nation B are Tense. These are the terms I have always heard international relations described in on the news, so I figure most players shouls understand them intuitively. At the end of the Nations of Outremer section I put a listing of all the possible relations, from most to least friendly.

  • I put in a dual timeline with what happened in the real world and what happened in the alt-history of Outremer from the preaching of the first Crusade, through the split during the Second Crusade, to 1400. I figure few people who are going to play in this setting understand what actually did happen, and need at least an overview to comprehend the differences.

    More as it happens!


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