Friday, April 29, 2011

Le Grande Roludothon

I've signed up to run two games at Le Grande Roludothon in Montreal this June. Saturday. I'm running "If You Should See A Great Big Box" - a StarCluster 3 adventure. I ran a version of this for my face to face group when SC 3 was being planned, using the SC 2 ruleset and a number of supplements. In it, the PCs are a group of Uplifted animals and bio-constructs working of their intenture for a huge shipping company. Its set in Diasporan Community space, where non-humans are not always welcome or treated as human under law, though the PCs are from SaVaHuTa, where they are protected as human. There is trouble with a cargo, and one thing leads to another. The time we played it out, one of the PCs successfully shot down a flyer with a pistol on a desert island, using Physics, with a truly amazing roll.

I really doubt the crew at Roludothon will see that flyer, or the desert island. I have no way to predict how the players will react to the initial Situation, or where it will go from there. I know what's in the cargo, who sent it, who is to recieve it, and why. From that, and from the PCs actions, everything else flows.

The second game, on Sunday, will be an Outremer adventure. I ran this one recently, but this will be a very different implementation. The game I ran was part of a much larger arc, and this will be stand alone. it will also be somewhat more complex - I had to run the last game around a crying baby, which doesn't lend itself to complexity. Again, once the initial Situation happens, I don't know how things will proceed. This Situation involves a dream each of the PCs will have involving a young girl, a knife, and change. Religion will play a big part in it, as will politics - I mean it's outremer, after all! We shall see what we shall see!


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