Friday, May 30, 2014

Gut Feel and Game Design

"Gut feel" is is a two edged sword. "Gut feel" is an internalization of logic - a shortcut to the proper answer without conscious thought. It is also, by the same token, an internalization of 'what has been done before', and thus also a shortcut to the *safe* answer. The shortcut only works on what you have internalized, which means you totally comprehend it, which means it is utterly and completely known territory. What we don't know is always vastly larger than what we do know, and what we know - that is, that which we have a fairly vague but useful understanding of - is always vastly larger than what we comprehend - that is, what is known so well we have internalized it. "Gut feel" therefore can only lead us to what we already know. It cannot lead out of that territory, which can only be understood by exploring, learning, and studying that which lies outside our internal oikumene*. 

*Koine Greek for "Known World"

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