Sunday, May 11, 2014

Performing Gigs in High Strung

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Using the Club's TN, roll one die. If the roll is at or under the TN, Something Will Go wrong.
Club TNs - Local = 7, Metropolitan = 5, Regional = 3, and National = 1.
Roll on the following chart to see what that problem is:

Roll    Problem
1    There is a cold going around and the band has it. All TNs have a penalty of -1
2    Someone mislaid the electrical cords! Band must borrow replacements! All TNs -1
3    A percussionist sprained a wrist. All this member's TNs at -2
4    One of the members has a family problem, and can't make it - roll a die,  highest is it
5    A Lead member had an accident at work and cut a finger. All this member's TNs at -2
6    If any member is hooked on drugs, stash is stolen. All this member's TNs -3
7    If any member is hooked on sex, member is shot down. All this member's TNs -3
8    If any member is hooked on booze, member is drunk. All this member's TNs -3
9    If any member is hooked on partying, member is exhausted. All this member's TNs -3
10    One member is in a funk. Roll a die,  highest is it. All this member's TNs at -2
11    The Roadie's van broke down, and he has to get a ride. Band is late! -2 to all TNs
12    Club has electrical fault! All amps randomly go out through performance. -2 to all TNs
13    A member is too sick,  a buddy subs, but doesn't know songs. All band's TNs at -2
14    Club's sound guy is utterly polluted. All Vocal TNs at -3
15    Whole band partied too much last night! Hangovers result in -2 to all TNs
16    Drunk audience member climbs on stage! Chaos erupts! -2 to all TNs!
17    Fight breaks out at club! Cops come! No gig!
18    Roadies get lost, can't find club. Band must borrow equipment. GM assess penalties as appropriate.
19    Main vocalist has laryngitis. Other band members have to take all vocals
20    Club's transformer blows. No juice, no electrics in the performance

The Performance

Gig are the central pacing mechanic in High Strung. Gigs earn you Notice and  Hope. Without gigs, the band will go nowhere.

When a band performs at a gig, the individual songs are not tested - except for debuts of important songs. The gig as a whole is a test of the band, and everyone in the band has to contribute for it all to work.

At the end of the gig, each member of the band makes a skill check, counting the number of successes. The successes are applied to the individual aspects of the performance - Vocals, Lead, Bottom, and Rhythm. The successes are normalized by averaging - if there are two performers contributing to Vocals, divide the Vocal successes by two. This gives a number-neutral rating for the performance.

Add together the four categories, and multiply by the rating of the Club. This gives you the amount of Notice the band has gained for the gig. Each performer gets a base of one Hope point as well. If an aspect of the performance is 3 or more, each performer contributing gets a second Hope point, and if the aspect is 5 or more, each contributing performer gains a third Hope point.


  1. I like how that is laid out Clash. LOVE the problem tables. A GMs best friend. LOL.

  2. Hi Bon bon!

    I can personally attest to most of those problems happening to my band. The others were problems other bands had that I knew about. Glad you are enjoying this! :D


  3. Sounds like so much fun. When is this game to see light of day? No, not the Joan Jett movie!

  4. No one sees "Light Of Day!" - though I do love Joan Jett! I hope to have it out by Christmas, but it's got to get through playtesting first!