Saturday, May 24, 2014

Interesting Results for Lowell Was Right! Experiment

Interesting results for my experiment with releasing Lowell Was Right! - A Very Different Now as Pay What You Want. The vast majority of people are paying nothing, meaning the game is worth nothing to them. This is entirely expected. I anticipate very few of these people will actually do anything with it - if it's worth nothing, it's worth nothing, after all! A few people are paying the recommended amount of ten dollars. About the same number of people are paying various strange amounts in between. The first is rather unexpected - I anticipated only one or two would feel the game was worth the full price. The second is more what I expected. What isn't expected is the strange amounts some people are paying - the game is worth exactly four dollars and 16 cents to someone. How they arived at that price is... beyond me. The various payment amounts average to a bit over a buck per copy sold, which is slightly more than I expected. Anyway, an update for you all! :D


  1. They might have paid in euros, if that is possible. Sounds like € 3,50 to me....

    1. That makes sense, Clydwich! Thanks! That was puzzling to me! :D