Saturday, May 31, 2014

Wrapups and Kickoffs

Tonight we wrapped up our Star Wars-ish game. The group had laid a trap for Darth Vader, knowing he'd be coming for Duke - who had earlier promised to join him on the Dark Side. but then reneged. They had found an abandoned Separatist base from the Clone Wars, equipped with a killer weapon - a giant light sabre that could slash to orbit, powered by a volcano through a giant force crystal.

Long story short, they lured two Star Destroyers into range and slashed, cutting one in half and destroying the other's sensors in the nose, then destroyed most of the Stormtrooper-carrying shuttles with the giant sword, and fighting off two others trying to land with their fighters. Simultaneously, Vader, in a Super Star Destroyer, let off a massive blast over the volcano, frying their electronic systems with an EMP burst. They used luck to say their systems were hardened military issue, and rebooted scans in time to see the Super Star Destroyer in orbit, ready to bombard them. They used the sword weapon one last time, and hit the SSD, then fled, taking the crystal with them. They sent the Y-Wing up to destroy the SSD's hyperspoace engines, which it did with torpedoes, smashing through a screen of tie fighters first on the way, then it to leaped for hyperspace and safety.

We then set up for out _Look! Up In The Sky!_ game, creating the Confederacy of Calamitous Doom, known to everyone else as the Incompitint Basterds. They have a Time Share of a Secret Base at Six Flags New Orleans, shared with other super villain groups - never repaired after Hurricane Katrina - for one month a year, as well as a platoon  of Goons and a platoon of Mooks, 6 vintage AMC Gremlins, and an excellent PR department with a PR Specialist, a Graphic Artist, A Lawyer and Law Clerk, and a Copywriter.

The League consists of The Commander of the Serpent Armies, The Mole, Bubblegum Girl, and Communist Man. They start off having just killed their nemesises Mongoose Man, Clown Girl, Edward Scissorhands, and Captain Capitalism, protectors of New Orleans. They had led the heroes into a bubble trap laid by Bubblegum Girl, and while they were stuck, they were hit by a random meteorite. Bow New Orleans lies open to them - provided they can keep the other super villains, whom they time share the Amusement park with, away.

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