Monday, September 29, 2014

Current Campaigns

My Saturday High Strung playtest #1 game ended in a win for the PCs. Jazzy's BF Reggie told her she should write a gospel song to please her dad, who is a nationally syndicated TV preacher. She decided she was going to go one better and make it a love song as well. She poured in Hope, and the band premiered it on the Reverend Johnson's TV service. The premiere went very well, and the group decided to record it as a Demo. They absolutely nailed their performances, and ended up scoring a multi-album major label deal with creative freedom. This band was created under the old rules, wherein you chose the age of the character.

High Strung playtest #2 - which we play only when James can make it - is just starting out, really. This one should give me a much better handle on how well the new rules work.

When James isn't there, we'll be playing a kitbash of In Harm's Way: StarCluster and IHW: Aces And Angels, where the PCs are airborne paratroopers in WWII. We'll be starting in early 1942, and going through the whole war eventually. Klax and I hammered out a new chargen which really suits the way they did it in the war, rather than the way they do it now. It looks awesome so far! We'll be starting in three weekends.

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