Sunday, September 14, 2014

New High Strung Game!

Tonight we played High Strung - our ex-player James is returning to the group, so at least once a month, maybe twice, we'll be playing a new game with James. This was the first game we played with the new band.

The band is Dynamic Habit - chosen by the players after randomly rolling five names. They are a ska band in 1985 Detroit. The members are Lief Lund on guitar and vocals, Doc Brown on trumpet, John Jacob Jinglehiemer Schmidt on alto sax, Rusty Trombone on drums, and Wanda Pumpit on bass and vocals. Wanda has previously had brief but intense flings with Rusty and John, but is currently unattached. She is a Baby at 18, while John is a Geezer of 40, and the others are 22-23 year old Dudes.

During the first practice, there was terrible storm and the electricity went out, but Rusty had already put two tabs of acid in John's beer. John freaked - started hallucinating things in the shadows, voices talking to him, imagining two boys drowning in the river... John's player was brilliant, fantastic roleplaying! He ended up running out into the storm and almost drowning in the flooded parking lot outside the practice space - an unused warehouse.

It was a tremendous night - best yet in the playtest! Here's Wanda's character sheet - all the names are made up, by the way, except for Lief.

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