Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Odd Squad Redux

This Saturday, we couldn't run the High Strung playtest, as an old friend and ex-player was visiting, so we went back to a one shot set in our Odd Squad campaign. The Odd Squad is a squad of SpecOps troops in In Harm's Way: StarCluster. They are, in effect, a rocket powered tank filled with liquid chaos. they creatively interpret every order to the maximum possible lethality rating  - once they were given the order 'minimize civilian casualties' before being set on by rioting alien civvies in a parking garage, and they excused building barricades of civilian bodies as 'protecting the balance of the civilians from our superiority in firepower".

It was refreshing and fun - think of The Expendables or Guardians of the Galaxy in power armor - to run through a hostage situation like Korben Dallas negotiating with Mangalores. Despite all of the humans beings wearing explosive collars, somehow the Odd Squad managed to kill all the alien terrorists while losing not a single hostage. The speed and lethality of this group was astonishing. it turns out 'Bash in the doors, guns blazing' is a tactic! Also so is splitting up the numerically inferior force in order to surround the enemy, and 'they can't counter our plan if we don't have one.

The bit where Baldy realized half way through that she had forgotten to switch her gamma ray laser from single shot to burst mode - and was still going through aliens like a lightsaber through yogurt was a high point for me...

Anyway, laughed a lot at the over-the-top ultraviolence and the crazy characters, and had a wonderful time!

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