Sunday, September 21, 2014

Current Games!

Saturday, we ran a playtest of High Strung, and included the various things I have prepared for enhancing the PC's engagement with their jobs and families. It all worked a treat! The characters' families and jobs were front and center, and even some job days were played out. The Nasty Cards came out again and were flying back and forth!  It brought a whole new dimension to the game. I am *really* happy!

My Sunday IRC game went splendidly, as always. I have a group of the most amazing roleplayers, who literally don't need me to play. Whenever I have to miss a session, they have a GMless session and run a game without me. Today we ran three scenes, none with any appreciable conflict, but it was all wonderful! They delved deeply into their characters and pursued lots of individual goals. This is not Space Opera, this is Space Soap Opera!

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