Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Further Refining High Strung

I continue in my quest to make the complexities of High Strung simpler.

The latest change is due to the existence of a 'sweet spot' at 25 years of age for the character, where there are sufficient skills to make light of the small reduction in starting Hope.  My alpha test group has discovered it, and all decided that they would make their characters 25, and distribute the non-musical skill needs between them - skills dealing with gig/band promotion and non musical aspects of the show. This allows them just enough excess Hope that they don't need to augment their supplies with internal knavery using the Nasty Cards.

The solution I came up with is to assign age randomly rather than allowing the players to choose it arbitrarily.

The second change is to collapse the performance of the Premiere of a new song  together with the performance of the gig, letting the entire gig generate the TN for the Hope roll for the new song. This eliminates a collective roll entirely at small cost in simulation fidelity.

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