Sunday, December 6, 2015

Another Resolution Mechanic for StarCluster 4

Here's another Resolution Mechanic page for StarCluster 4. This is for Star100, a mechanic that uses percentiles, but is a bit different from the old StarPerc. This is necessarily a bit wordier than the StarPool mechanic I posted a while ago. What do you think? Is this as clear as the StarPool (d20 dice pool) mechanic?


  1. Can't comment on the other mechanic, but what you wrote seems clear and you provided a useful example. One minor quibble, in the bonus column you have two negative signs before the 5. Presumably that's a typo.

  2. Thank you, Gaston's Hat - love the nick, BTW! - for the comment, and the typo will be rectified immediately! If you are interested, the StarPool mechanic page is here: :D