Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Link from Jeshen Space to SaVaHuTa Space

The Jump Route between Jeshen Space and the area dominated by SaVaHuTa is long and tenuous, characterized by dim red dwarf stars, no easily habitable planets, and only a couple space stations to supply fuel. In the Dweomer system is Fae Sidhe - the Fairy Station, and in the Kaleidoscope system is Marche aux Poisson, the Fish Market. Both are remarkable places, and both have a monopoly on fuel - it is quite impossible to traverse the route without stopping at either or both stations.

Fae Sidhe

Fae Sidhe is inhabited by a strange human offshoot of humanity who have genetically modified themselves into their idea of the romantic Fae - high PSI potential, pointed ears, tall and slender, high charisma. They often frequent the station night clubs and bars, attempting to seduce the "Mortals" who come through the station. They seek children for their breeding program, and any stationer by-blow is examined for desirable traits as they grow up on station. They will also examine any child fathered by one of the Fae if it is brought back to the station.

At 18 standard years of age, the child is judged, and either accepted into the Fae, or rejected if not pleasing - too "Mortal" looking, Psi Dull, short, not slender enough. Those rejected are given a short time to beg a ride off the station from any passing ship. If, at the end of that time, if they are still on station, they are sterilized and put to work as "Drabs".

Most of the station is off limits to "Mortals", as they refer to passing ship crew and passengers, and almost nothing is known of the strange life the Fae must live. They are high aesthetes for the most part, paying well for art and music that pleases their odd tastes. Most of the inhabitants of the Fae Sidhe are "Drabs", who own nothing and control nothing, slaves of their Fae families. They are for the most part more human looking than the Fae, but still odd and strongly aesthetic.

Marche aux Poisson

The Fish Market is a remarkable place, obsessed with aquaculture to a remarkable degree. All sorts of fish are bred here, and bringing in a new stasis-held fish will earn you the right to sell it in auction. The people of the Fish Market are separated into Houses - kin-based clans - who have a monopoly on certain species of fish.

The Station has enormous free-range "Seas", with specific types of habitat in each, the fish of all Houses together in a suitable environment, such as coral reef, or alpine lake, or cold ocean. You can purchase any kind of fish you like at the Fish Market - the variety is staggering - and the house that owns that species receives a cut of the profits. Restaurants at the station compete in serving rare and choice species to discriminating customers.

The Fish Market station is enormous, with a population in the millions, and does not depend on outsiders buying fish. The fuel supply business alone brings in enough outside credit for their needs, and most of the economy is internal.

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