Sunday, December 20, 2015

Bye to Jeshen Space Game, Hello to Outremer!

My StarCluster Jeshen Space campaign ended for the nonce, with 3 incipient pregnancies - planned to be decanted simultaneously, although each child will will have a different two of three possible parents - while a 10,000 ton colony supply ship is converted into the Monty Python, a giant flying circus. In order to free humanity from being slavers. truly!

We are switching over to an Outremer campaign next week. I have no idea what they will be doing, or where in Outremer they will be located. They will be putting together an Association before creating characters, though one said he wanted to be a Sufi Dervish, while another was interested in either a Kabbalist - no idea what religion - or a sorceror. 

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