Monday, December 14, 2015

I Got A Mashup of Sister Wives and Empire! 

In my Sunday IRC StarCluster game, one of my players' characters decided that it was a good time for getting pregnant, so he/she (currently male, but that's recent, and probably temporary) discussed it with his/her wives, they approved, and they are planning on three - one from each. Two of his/her wives are hermaphroditic alien Jeshen, while the other is a Sphynx bioroid. He/She is not necessarily to be the father, as it's a human/alien/alien/bioroid marriage, and the standard old-fashioned way won't cut the mustard.

Another one, she is a four armed wolf-human hybred pilot/musician, announced she wanted to take a ship and make a Circus - a Flying Circus - with acts from all over on a tour of Jeshen Space, stopping at every inhabited planet. The ship is to be the site of the performances, with several venues within it, and the audience to be flown up from the various worlds the ship is orbiting. What is absolutely scary is this makes complete sense in this campaign! It could be a brilliant stroke if they can pull it off, and they have the money, talent, and contacts to do it.

Who needs pew-pew-pew?

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