Friday, December 27, 2013

High Strung Example Character

So - moving along with High Strung! I have chargen finished. Here's an example character:

Assign one each of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, and 5 to an Attribute.
VOIS (Voice) 8
FNGR (Fingers) 10
DANS (Dance) 5
ENRG (Energy) 7
CUTE (Cuteness) 9
SMRT (Smarts) 6

Choose your age, apply modifiers.

24 -25 (Hippie)
You’ve been at this a while, haven’t you? Your chops have never been better, but why does there have to be such crap? You have a Decent Job, and the Real World is looking tempting.
Base Hope: 12
Attribute Mods: CUTE+1, ENRG+1, FNGR+1, VOIS+2
Skills: Apportion 13 Skill Points from your Training Skills

Up to age 24, you are limited to one Training. Over 24, you may choose two Trainings.

Training 1 - Relentless Gigging
You played for a pop cover band. Skills are Play Instrument, Sing, Choreograph, Banter, Groupies. Your Style is Pop, and you gain +1 to ENRG

Training 2 - Art Schooler
You were an art major who slipped into music somehow. Skills are Graphics, Flash, Play Instrument, Sing, Promote. Your Style is Progressive, and you gain +1 to CUTE

Styles: Styles are your preferred style of music, and when you
perform in that style, things just go better. You gain 2
Small Bonuses whenever you play a song in your Style.

How Skills Work
Skills are capped at a rank of +2. in order to go beyond +2, you must specialize.
Anything can be a Specialization, if the GM agrees. Three possible specializations for each skill are included in the table above.
Unlike other skills, Play Instrument is immediately separated into type - Strings, Keyboards, Beat, Reeds, and Brass. This is because the mechanics of playing each Type of instrument are very different. After +2, they are further specialized like all Skills. Play Instrument would be noted thus - Skill: Subskill (Specialization).
Example - Play Instrument: Reed (Baritone Sax) +4, playing Baritone Sax, Skill Check is at +4, playing Alto Sax, Skill Check is at +2.

Example Character: Shelly (Chili) Burns
VOIS (Voice) 8 + 2 = 10
FNGR (Fingers) 10 +1 = 11
DANS (Dance) 5
ENRG (Energy) 7 + 1 + 1 = 9
CUTE (Cuteness) 9 +1 +1 = 11
SMRT (Smarts) 6

Base Hope: 12
Styles: Progressive and Pop
Job: Decent

Graphics +2
Flash +1
Play Instrument: Strings +2 (Guitar+3)
Sing +2 (Smoky+4)
Promote +1
Choreograph +0
Banter +1
Groupies +1

Monday, December 23, 2013

Political Map of Earth for Lowell Was Right! Campaign

Here is the political map of our campaign Earth, for the year 2014 in LWR!

The world is divided among eight Great Powers - an Isolationist USA, which has combined with Mexico and Canada, A South American Confederation - with some Central American and Caribbean buffer states - owns the Panama Canal.

The Ottoman Empire has overrun most of Europe, with only the UK, Eire, and Scandanavia still free. A Pan Arab Caliphate rules from Morocco to Iraq, the Tsars own the north from Belarus and Finland to Kamchatka. The Manchus and the Japan-led Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere had been fighting, but now they are competitive Facist buddies. Australasia brings up the south, ruling from New Zealand to Malaya. Right smack in the middle are The Stans, a battleground between all the old world Powers in Proxy Wars. Africa South of the Sahara is mostly a sea of smaller nations, none of them Great Powers.

This campaign world was created by the players, by either nomination - South American Confederation, Tsarist Russia, Isolationist USA - or random roll. It's a nasty world, full of strife and war. Few of the Powers are speaking to each other. The players mean to be out in the solar system somewhere, though the Association is as yet un-created, so I'm not sure yet just how, where, or why. Probably the reason is to escape the horrid state of the Earth! :D

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sunday's IRC Game

Ran the last In Harm's Way: Napoleonic Naval game of the year yesterday. It ended in epic fashion, with a small group infiltrating - via a creek and canoes - the palace at Bluefields, and saving five year old King George from death by Poison Dart Frog toxin, as his uncle Stephen's poisoner and four other lackeys were killed in the fray, along with several guards.

Out front, between Bluefields and the palace, the confrontation between would-be-King Stephen and his advisor the Admiral's forces, and the forces of General Robinson and the British Flotilla was stopped with a parlay. During the parlay, one of Stephen's Assassins attempted to kill Princess Emma with a thrown poisoned knife, but Lt. Bobby Cooper interposed her body - Bobby is a woman disguised as a man - and took the blade in her shoulder, knowing it was probably poisoned.

At this violation of the laws of Parlay, Bosun Grim leaped at Stephen and severed his arm, which was holding a knife, at the shoulder. Stephen bled out as Lord Alexander Sinclaire shot the assassin as he ran from the parlay. Emma saved Lt. Cooper's life by sucking out the poison, at some cost to herself - Poison Dart Frog toxin is equally poisonous orally or insinuated into the bloodstream, unlike - say - rattlesnake venom.

So the Miskito Kingdom was saved, both the King and his older sister surviving, and Princess Emma made regent for young George.

I have been running this annually game for eight years now, since 2006, and we have gone from 1793 to 1802. This Miskito Kingdom Scenario is based on real events in 1801 and 1802, when Stephen poisoned King George, and General Robinson prevented him from doing likewise to young George. Emma was an invented character, but not impossible... :D