Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Looking for Feedback - StarCluster 4 Zero Stage

Whelp, it's that time again! I need feedback on my latest creation, *StarCluster 4 Zero Stage*. This is the first iteration of StarCluster 4 to escape the labs, and it's mission is very particular. It is designed to be ready to go, lacking only adventures, which I am terrible at making. Ir is short - currently just over 100 pages. It is a traditional RPG, neither a story game nor OSR. I am not interested in making either, so that is that. Much of the system is presented in self-contained single page info-graphics. This may cause some confusion. I need to iron that out. The vast majority of the game is setting and background.

If you are interested in giving feedback, I will send you the Beta test document when you send me your email. You can send it to me at clashUNDERSCOREbowleyATyahooDOTcom, or PM me.

Here is the wicked cover painting, from Juan Ochoa. Enjoy! :D

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A plea for help!

So, I am getting real close to finished with the version of StarCluster 4 that is to be locked down - fully described setting, all players to be part of a given organization, small subset of weapons and equipment available, only one resolution system... I have been calling it the Default version, as in "This is the default, no choice version designed not to intimidate people like StarCluster 3 did."

It's going to be 100-150 pages, as opposed to 470 for StarCluster 3 DE. All the choices and generators I stuffed into SC3 will be removed to supplementary materials, along with background and tech stuff.

Here's the thing: I think "Default" is an awful name! But what the hell should I call it? In desperation, I beg you people to please come up with something better!

Thank you in advance!

Monday, May 23, 2016

IHW Napoleonic Naval Session - Awesome Player Salute!

Yesterday, in our Napoleonic Naval IRC game, the party's ship had previously captured a pirate ship and two of it's prizes in Sabine Lake, between the new American territory of Louisiana and Spanish Tejas. Mr. Woodland had taken the cutter to find where some of the pirates had fled to in their boats. Pirates are lousy fighters, and seldom do much to a well-trained warship.

While the pirate's ship was repaired - the PC's HMS Avalon had pounded its larboard side into one gaping hole with devastating fire - Mr. Woodland and the crew of the cutter poked into bayou after bayou draining into the lake's eastern shore. Most quickly petered out, and none had any sign of recent passage. Then they found one with torn vegetation along the nebulous banks. Something had come this way!

They found a long shack on stilts above the floodplain with three ship's boats tied up to the legs and smoke coming from a smoke hole in the roof. The lieutenant called for sneaky volunteers to go in and scout the place out. I as GM asked the other players if the wanted to play these volunteers. They all agreed, and four ex-thieves slipped forward though the swamp towards the shack.

They were GLORIOUS! They were AMAZING! They were funny and touching and brave and opportunistic, and SO MUCH FUN! They caused mayhem, rescued two prisoners, slithered through outhouse holes - one of them was a practiced chimney thief nicked Smokey AKA Father Christmas - and signaled the rest to come in at the perfect time, after they threw lit grenados into the shack and caused death, fires, and panic.

I salute my awesome players! Well done! Well done!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Progress on the StarCluster 4 Default Version

The StarCluster 4 Default game is now up over 100 pages, at 102. I still haven't done any equipment aside from weapons, but that should not be much more. The majority - literally, at 60 pages - is the setting. The Skill Trees takes another 21, so you can tell what takes the space! I would estimate it should come in well under 150 pages when done.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Unifactoid World

Unifactoid World is a moderately-sized asteroid some 22 km on it’s long axis, in orbit 2 around Wahoo, just outside of Hound City’s orbit. It is covered in grass, trees, and water, inside an envelope of air retained artificially by extensive gravitic plating. It contains one city, Unifactoid City, 8500 people strong. All employed by Unifactoid, which owns the hotels, the spaceport, the casinos, the building, the housing, the asteroid, the air, and the water.

The entire asteroid is easily accessible by ground vehicle - even bicycle. There are some lovely places sculpted into the little world, popular for picnics, camping out, and general recreation. Crater Lake, The Ripples, Corkscrew Falls, and The Glade are all popular destinations. The area around the Spaceport remains airless and gravless, so big ships can come right in.

Unifactoid World is how The Agency maintains its independence from politics. The world is technically an Allied Human world, and as such is a free agent, by Jeshen Space’s own laws.

As for being wandering, the Agency maintains a fleet of 10 identical 250 ton News-ships, one stationed in each system of Jeshen Space. There are also 3 identical 600 ton News-ships, which go wherever the news is most urgent. All the ships are news agencies in miniature, with investigative, illustrative, and disseminative services. They also legally constitute the Space Navy of Unifactoid World - and can be called on in emergencies as Allies.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Unifactoid Peripatetic Headline Intelligencer Agency

Commonly called Unifactoid, or The Agency, by its people, this organization is the largest news gathering organization in Jeshen Space. It is the employer of your characters, the organization they all work for.

Peripatetic means wandering, and this news agency is just that, sending out its ships and reporters everywhere in Jeshen Space. The Company Headquarters is Unifactoid World, a grav-modified asteroid in the Wahoo system. It is entirely owned by The Agency, and everyone on it is working for the Agency.

Unifactoid is a publicly traded company - it’s stock is sold publically all over Jeshen Space. It is a huge company, and your characters are a small, but important part of it.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

StarCluster 4 = Making an Individual From a Species

And here is another one page layout. This is How to make an individual character from a species. I've included the Human species sheet so you can see how it all works. Enjoy!

StarCluster 4 Psionics

Here is StarCluster 4's optional PSI system in One Page format!

Monday, May 2, 2016

StarCluster 4 Damage Allocation

Here is the StarCluster 4 Damage Allocation page. In keeping with Levi Kornelsen's one page=one subject dictum, I am working through the StarCluster 4 system. By the time I finish, it will be ridiculously short. This really keeps me focused on making subjects as simple and clear as possible!