Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Elder Sibs Redux

The elder siblings decided that something was wrong, and that this whole thing needed looking into. They are high school kids, so they are almost adult. They slipped into the High Energy Physics research building through the hole in the wall, and by a guard, and found people in locked cells. The got the attention of one of them, and he broke the safety glass window on his door with a gesture.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Elder Siblings

It's been almost two months since my last post. I am continuing running a Weirder Stuff game. We have branched out with teenage characters as well as the original preteens, most being older sibs of the originals. Turns out, the night before the Psigirl showed up in Max's tree-house, his sister and her teen friends had an encounter of their own, with a pickup truck ending up in a tree. The next day they got it down, and found a pillowcase with awful cafeteria food in it near their encounter. On the pillowcase was stenciled the name of a local physics lab. They drove by the lab and saw police tape and a hole blasted in the side of the lab. Lighting was the explanation. They let slip they had seen something strange, and where, to a security guard, thus guaranteeing unwanted attention for their poor unwitting younger sibs!

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Weirder Stuff

Weirder Stuff, Klax and my hack of StarCluster 4 for Stranger Thingsish play, has been great fun! Kids between fifth and sixth gradee -summer vacation - find a girl their age sporting a shaved head and a smock, and a one-eyed teddy bear, in their tree house. many-jawed carnivores and a crew from some government funded research company are looking for her. The players so far have loved getting into the kid mindset and have been doing remarkably. Tonight they took down two armed security men from the research company looking for "the Director's ward" with sling shots and their own drug syringes. They dragged them on sleds into an old cowboy-days mine and interrogated them, using a Darth Vader voice modulator - neither guy had seen Star Wars and were spooked! It was great fun!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Elizabethan Supers

Prepping to run the first game of an Elizabethan Supers game this Sunday! Our Roos and Ruins (StarCluster 4 - Out of the Ruins) game that just ended was consistently fun, absorbing, exciting, though provoking, and all around amazing from start to finish! Perhaps the finest roleplaying campaign I have ever run, and I can only hope this one is half as good!

The setting for this game is England in 1560, 2 years after the accession of Elizabeth I to the throne. We have established some changes in history, though! An alien ship crashed on earth in 1000 AD, with the survivors making their way to earth in escape pods. The plagues were alien diseases that humans had no resistance to. Supers began popping up after that. Was it alien DNA? Reactions to the plagues? Radiation from the crashed ship causing mutations? All of the above? We are mapping that out now!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Central access to my Music on Youtube

All five of my albums are now available on Youtube. link: Clash Bowley - Topic

or search for '"clash bowley" topic'

My first album was Greatest Hits 2018-2018 and it's a bit of a mess, but I chalk it up to a learning experience!
Then came Rockets and Dreams, where I started to apply what I had learned and began developing a musical style
Kaiju Love which came after that was, I think, my first good album, and the first totally in my new style
Then came the two latest albums, released the same day:
Plush Universe is more traditional, more rock, somewhere between Strange Attractor and Kaiju Love
In Strange Attractor I am more modern in approach, and more stripped down


Saturday, August 10, 2019

Weirder Stuff II

Ran my first session of Weirder Stuff (The totally not Stranger Things game) tonight with my face to face gang, and it went REALLY well! Chargen was a snap, and we were right into the game! Weird-ass shaved head kid shows up in the tree fort of some kids in a town in Colorado at the start of the summer vacation. They are all 11-12 year old boys, and she is a spooky bald girl with a number tattooed on her arm. Weird shit happens, and they decide she can live in their tree fort for now. They enlist one of the boy's twin sister, who lends her some clothes. Just some great roleplaying! And my beautiful 18 year old kitty Athena died just before play. She has been going, slipping for a year or so no, and this last four days we knew she was going. No pain, just not eating and barely drinking, getting weaker and sleepier. The last of the players arrived in time to sit with her and pet her before she went. She has been showered with love the last few days, more even than normal! I miss her terribly!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Designing for Maintenance

Colonization of space will have one side effect I don't see talked about much. There will be a paradigm shift away from disposable technology and towards more flexible, repairable, repurposable technology. If your microwave oven dies now, or your inkjet printer, or your smoothie blender, getting it repaired would be inconcievable. These devices are too cheap to repair, and are designed to be thrown away. The labor costs of repair would be a significant fraction of their cost new, and it isn't worth the bother. They aren't designed to be repaired. Components are integrated, the innards are inaccessible, and the places they are made are not the places they are sold.

This is a recipe for disaster in space! Technology will have to be designed to be easily accessible by techs, rather than designed for efficiency of manufacture. Components will need to be genericized, not only so that fewer spares need to be carried, but so that less essential devices can be cannibalized in favor of repairing essential devices, if necessary. Upgrades should be on the component level rather than the unit level. Then the old component can be kept as a spare. Devices would need to be larger, though not necessarily much more massive. Most of the size difference will be in access space or accessible mounting.

Displays and input should be transparently shared and redirectable. Data needs easy rerouting, so that one computing device can double as another in a pinch. Damage control and repair need to be top priorities when a ship is millions of kilometers from the nearest source of parts!