Thursday, July 15, 2021

The Court of Worlds Project is Launched

 The Court of Worlds project is go for a real start. Research and planning is done, and I am getting down to work! I am releasing it as a toolbox, Tool Box 7, as it can be added to most any setting. Perhaps the Out of the Ruins setting would not work so well, as it is about the very beginnings of a multi-system setting. The Court of Worlds provides various services for member worlds:


The Court provides judges of various species and backgrounds to arbitrate litigation. It maintains a list of attorneys available for hire, as well as courtroom employees to assist in the hearings, such as translators, file clerks, bailiffs, and others.


The Court provides trained mediators to assist in negotiations between worlds over claims. Mediators are generally preferred, as litigation can be chancy.

Disputed World Referees

The Court provides referees to oversee limited combat over disputed worlds. The court prides itself on the rigorous oversight of disputes, and has a good record.

Disputed World Mecenaries

The Court maintains a list of mercenary companies employed  by disputant worlds, who are trained in various types of limited combat. Comments from former employers are associated with these companies.

Illegal Settlement Resolutions

The Court maintains a corps of police trained in eradicating illegal settlements, and resettling the miscreants elsewhere. Trained cleaners then come in and dismantle the settlement’s infrastructure, raze and destroy any crops, and replant the site with native flora.

Exploration and Survey Services

The Court maintains a recommended list of private exploration companies, either to perfom the entire survey or to shepherd a party of scientists through the experience.

Restricted World Rangers

The Court maintains a corps of experienced and versatile rangers for service on Restricted worlds, able to cope with both native dangers and rapacious resource exploiters from off-world.

Slowboat Tugs and Rescue

The Court maintains contact with new slowboats as they come in, and provides Slowboat tugs to guide slowboats into worlds reserved for them. If an emergency occurs, rescue crews can be dispatched to deal with any impending disaster.

Colony Advisors

The Court provides nascent colonies - including new slowboats - with advisors to guide the colonists with integrating their new colonies into the cluster-wide economy, maintaining ecological biomes, and adapting to new technological advances.

All of these will have associated template trees and association-building suggestions.