Saturday, March 21, 2020

More on Blood Games 4

Blood Games 4 is requiring some SERIOUS changes! All, I think, for the better, but it is taking more time than expected! At every turn, I am unable to just put in what served for Blood Games II as we are trying to make things work consistently, not all as special exceptions to the rule! Klax and I sit down and restructure, say, the Warlock so that it adheres to these principles, and it takes hours to restructure! Also the changes have new and interesting implications! Witches are able to link together and share MAG points now, for example, with the entire coven able to cast mammoth magic spells! It is exciting, interesting, and fun, but fast? Not so much! Be patient, my friends!

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Sextillius Review

Jamie Funk reviewed my Sextillius Album here:

Review of Sextillius

A quote:

"One of my favorite songs was the opener entitled “I Choose the Sun” which combines distorted, reverb-laced echo guitar with electronic percussion and an overall haunting vibe. It reminded me of the vibe I was hearing on the release Blackstar by David Bowie mixed with elements of Primal Scream."

Compared my music to Bowie's! I can die happy now!