Friday, May 31, 2019

Music and Roleplaying Blend

Weirdest thing yet. I ended up writing a song in character about another character, both NPCs. It's like my two worlds have overlapped! :D Song

Saturday, May 25, 2019

General News

I released my third album, Kaiju Love, this month. Here's a link to the youtube playlist if you are at all interested. I assume not! :D

I have 10 songs recorded intended for a fourth album, Plush Universe, but two of them are cover songs, and that's a hassle to get rights, so figure 8 songs finished out of about 12.

StarCluster 4 - In The Beginning is in beta, waiting for feedback from the beta testers. I examining my options for what I do next gaming wise. There is nothing burning a hole through my skull trying to get out, so I have several major possibilities:

1: I could do a new version of In Harm's Way: StarCluster using the StarCluster 4 mechanic.

2: I could work on converting the Blood Games trio of games (Blood Games II, OHMAS, and Outremer) using the new Psionics toolkit to create a magic system.

I have been running on Discord a mash-up of Volant and Sabre & World which has been going great. I may make that a published thing!

I also need to begin changing all my In Harm's Way games over to StarCluster 4. Most of them are SC 2E, with a couple being SC 1E! Yikes! That will be a huge task!

Anyways, for anyone still listening after my forgetting about this blog once again, thank you! You rock! :D