Wednesday, August 26, 2020

A Hint of Blue Released

My eleventh album, A Hint of Blue, was released this morning on bandcamp. Here is the link:

Two of the songs have roleplaying links:

Planetfall is based on an In Harm's Way - StarCluster game I ran featuring a whacko bunch of drop troopers nicknamed the Odd Squad.

The title song, A Hint of Blue, was composed and performed in character by an NPC in my Jeshen Space game.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Chimericists and Chimeras

Chimeras are a combination of two to four creatures - Centaurs. Mermaids. Harpies. Manticores. They are created by Chimericists, people whose magical power it is to do so. Chimericist is a Quasi-Path, not a full path in Blood Games 4, so usually one who already has species magic. Chimericists can also use their power to create in utero children of more than one different species, or even of the same sex, so long as one is female to bear the child. They are in great demand for these services.

Each species has 10 Aspects. Two are Extras, four are Quirks, and four are physical descriptors which can be most anything. The Chimericist places the lists beside each other and for the Chimera selects two per success. Example, the Chimericist has 3 successes: 

 The more successes the Chimericist rolls, the more control they have over the Chimera. The Balance choices can be random, or chosen by the GM, or whatever other method your group prefers. I have included Aspect lists for 24 creatures in the Toolbox!

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Catching up!

We finally released Blood Games 4 July 22. Sorry I have not been keeping up! We started in on the Renaissance+ Tool Kit. The simple little bit we came up with for Chimeras - creatures that are composed of between 2 and 4 other creatures smooshed together - in the main book was not robust enough for real use. We have modified the rules for Imbue/Amalgam - how you give some thng the qualities of another - which is a bit more complex but not too much, and a lot more fun!

The reason? One of the Quasi Paths in the Tool Kit is the Chimericist! Not only do they smoosh creatures together, they can make interspecies babies! So all of those who desperately want that half-human/half-dragon hybrid can make one!

There are a slew of new species - like the Half-Giant, the Pixie, the Dwarves both Male and Female, the Faustian, the Vila, and more; a slew of new Paths - like the Fairy Knight, the Human Changeling, the Geomancer, Hedge Witches, and more; and a slew of new monsters! So it should be a lot of fun!