Monday, March 14, 2022

StarCluster 4 Magazine 4

The StarCluster 4 Magazines are the best kept secret in Tabletop RPGs. They are even more unknown than StarCluster 4 itself! We've just released the fourth Magazine - StarCluster 4 Magazine 4: The Devil In the Details. This one's articles delve deep into how things work in the game's space ships. 

Stacked Drum Construction 

This article discusses a method of starship construction that is practical, less expensive, and widely used. Stacked drum construction orients the angle of thrust perpendicular to the ship's decks by stacking shallow drums into a coffee-can-like structure. Ugly and aerodynamic as a brick, but very practical in space.

Starcluster Docking Mechanisms and Airlocks 

This article discusses how airlocks and docks work in space - how they are constructed, where the are situated, and what is in them. 

Inside a Jump Drive 

This article goes through all the subsystems of a Jump Drive and what they do, as well as giving what happens if that component fails. 


This article looks at what happens with navigators during Jump, and how - even though no subjective time is spent in Jump, SOMETHING is happening.

A Look at Scan 

This article discusses what Scan is and how it works, where sensors are located, and how they are used by Scan on a ship. It discusses what a Scan operator sees at a Scan station, and how the operator can  change what they see and what they can determine.

Stealth in Space 

This article discusses what is stealth in space and how it can be accomplished in various ways, to various levels.

Shields and Protective Systems 

This article discusses Reflective Plasma Shields, Anti-missile lasers, and other protective systems on a ship, and how they are used by the Shields Operator to protect ship and crew from harm.

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