Saturday, April 9, 2022

Cradle of Wyrms

I have decided - Fantasy BloodGames 4 is now to be called BloodGames 4 - Cradle of Wyrms setting. The Cradle of Wyrms is a continent sized bowl of lands surrounded by gigantic peaks and glaciers. Many rivers run down to a central salt sea. It rains and snows mostly around the edges on the high ground. It will require BloodGames 4 and BloodGames 4 Renaissance + Toolbox. All BloodGames books have a concentration - the main book has Vampires, the Toolbox has Fairies, the Outremer setting has Djinn - this one's concentration will be on dragons.


  1. Thanks for the effort you put in to make this blog so helpful and informative

  2. This setting sounds very intriguing! Dragons as the focus will make the world full of mystery and power. Looking forward to seeing more about this setting!