Sunday, October 18, 2009

The SaVaHuta Military Dicta

From In Harm's Way: StarCluster

I felt I needed to describe what the mission of the military is in IHW:SC. It's a different sort of setting, and not everyone knows what the mission of - say - the US military is, so how would they know what a freaky deal like SaVaHuTa would expect from its military?

The Missions of the SaVaHuTa Military

The SaVaHuTa military is used for various purposes both in war and in peacetime. As the military arm of a league of sovereign states, the SaVaHuTa military is constrained in certain ways, as opposed to the military arm of a unitary nation state. These restrictions, the Dicta, define the mission of the military.

One World, One Government

The military is tasked with preventing the formation of an Empire in the Cluster. Any move by any power to extend its governmental control over another world permanently must be opposed, whether or not the Leagus is involved. Wars between worlds are not necessarily fought with this object, but must be strictly observed in order to determine this. If necessary to prevent this object, the military is empowered to intervene. Member worlds found guilty of this transgression are expelled from the League.

The Military is not a Stepping Stone to Empire

The SaVaHuTa military is itself the most dangerous of weapone, one which may turn in the hand. Four times since the formation of the League, Sector leaders have attempted to use the SaVaHuTa military to create an instant empire. Each time, the plot has been discovered in time to put it down. Each time, though, parts of the military fought each other in a devastating civil war. Preventing such an occurance from happening again is a prime mission.

Piracy is an Enemy of the League

SaVaHuTa is a military-economic alliance. Piracy is a threat to economic prosperity. Piracy must be ruthlessly put down wherever it appears.

Terrorism is an Enemy of the League

Terrorism is a threat to the prosperity of the League. Terrorism against League Members must be ruthlessly put down wherever it appears.

Citizens are Entitled to Protection

SaVaHuTa citizens have earned the thanks of the League, by definition. Citizens are threatened at the risk of retaliation out of proportion to the offense.

Commerce is the lifeblood of the League

Threatening the trade of a League Member is at the risk of retaliation out of proportion to the offense. If possible, trade is to be protected in areas of danger with convoys and escorts to prevent temptation of belligerents to prey on League shipping.

Threats to the League Will Not be Allowed to Stand

Threatening moves by any power against the League itself will be met by escalation in kind.

Member States and War

Member states are free to pursue war against other powers without involving the League military. These incidents are considered a local affair. The League will not become involved unless there is a threat to the League itself. The goal of the League is to prevent widening of the conflict to include the League itself. The purpose of this dictum is to prevent one member State from using the entire League to solve its problems with other Sovereign States.

Application of These Dicta are at the Discretion of the Commander on the Scene

Communication within the Cluster is too slow to refer constantly to higher authority. The commander on the spot has the authority to commit forces proportional to the problem. Adjudication by higher authority will be made after the fact.


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