Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Swords of Albion Series and OHMAS

I just finished reading the Swords of Albion book 1, the Silver Skull. It was very, very strange for me to read it. It's as if it were an Actual Play of an On Her Majesty's Arcane Service game, written up by a decent author - except for the whole Unseelie Court thing, as there is no such animal in OHMAS. I had no idea this book existed before someone commented about the similarities on a forum (I think!) discussion of OHMAS. The similarities are stunning!

It's not like In Harm's Way: Dragons!, where I read the Temeraire series long before writing the game, and where I was acutely concious of where I diverged from that series - all the details, BTW. This was, was, was bizzare! I had no clue this book series existed. Everything was created in parallel, separately. OHMAS is far closer to Swords of Albion than IHW: Dragons! is to Temeraire. If I had read it before writing OHMAS, the game would have been different, because I would have been conciously *making* it different. I just feel strange about the whole thing...