Monday, December 13, 2010


I've been suffering through a nasty cold the last couple of weeks, and have not been writing anything for my current projects or for the blog because of this. I didn't want anyone to think I've lost interest, though I have lost momentum, so I thought you all ought to know. I generally don't put personal stuff in this blog - no one wants to read that kind of crap! - but this time I thought it was appropriate.

In other news, The Tools of Ignorance is almost ready for beta release. If you're interested in testing it, let me know! The only thing left to do is to cover PC advancement.

My current Blood Games II face-to-face game - it's set in New Orleans in 1900 - is running a bit longer than I expected. We had as close to a TPK as I've come in decades last session. Only one PC was on his feet and concious at the end, with three players almost dead, and two - including the one on his feet - badly wounded. The poor guy had to drag all the other PCs back to the boat, go up the bayou to the city, hustle them to the car, and drive them all to the doctor's house - the one doctor in N.O. who would understand how one PC was in werewolf form and all were almost dead with strange bite marks all over - in the pouring, tropical rain. Fun stuff!


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