Saturday, June 30, 2012

Maybe the last post here

I think I am going to drop this blog. I have no idea why I am writing it. I haven't got a comment in months, and it seems any interest in what I write about is no longer there.



  1. Hey, that's harsh for us Lurkers!

    We love IHW even if we don't know how to comment in an interesting way!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Anonymous! I'll think about it. It's real hard talking into a vacuum for me.

  3. I've been reading it. But you might get better response and more interaction just making these posts in G+.

    In alot of ways G+ has become the equivalent of a giant RSS feed where all my friends blog almost daily, it doesn't take any extra steps to comment and its easy to share interesting posts.

  4. Hi Ralph!

    It's the difference in responses between my posts on G+ and here that have made me wonder why I bother with this blog. On G+ it's like a conversation. Here, it's like I'm a preacher delivering a sermon to an empty church. A few months ago, it wasn't like that here, but I haven't had a comment for three months until Anonymous posted above.

  5. This is the strongest argument I've heard for me to bite the bullet and get myself a google+ account. I'm not really big on social media other than forums, and I dislike the whole keeping up with the jones thing that I associate with them.

    Blogs, by their nature, have always seemed to me like people talking to other people about themselves (or the things they do or like). Most of them you can't comment on unless you sign up (and bless you for being an exception) so as a body of media I tend to ignore them.

    The thing is, I don't really want to talk about myself, but nor do I want to talk about you. However, I'd love to talk with you about thought provoking gaming issues of all kinds!

    Love the post on Marriage, by the way!


  6. Hi Chris! Good to use your name! :D

    There is a large community of gamers on G+, and we talk a lot about games. Some of us have other interests, but the use of circles limits that a lot. When you send a post to your gamer circle, for instance, only the gamers in that circle will see it. So if a person has, say, gaming and politics circles, people in that person's gaming circle will not see the political posts unless they are also in that person's politics circle.

    This makes a world of difference for me. Like you, I have no interest in talking about myself, and less in others talking about me. I could talk about games all day, though. I had no interest in facebook, or twitter, or anything else social media-wise, until G+. The circles are game-changing.