Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mobile Police Station

Here are a couple of shots of a space ship model Klaxon is working on. It's a mobile police station, itself large enough to deal with quite large threats, and carrying a slew of small 30 ton Police Cruisers - you can see their docks on the side of the ship in the front photo. The station has an integrated jail, and is designed for keeping the peace in a spread out area - system-wide, colony worlds in the same system, or a settled asteroid belt.

Here is the Police Cruiser for the Mobile Police Station - based on a 30 ton runabout shell. The cruiser is fast, well armed, carries a crew of two and contains a small lockdown for criminals


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  2. These are cool. I can see their arrival directly connected to a sudden drop in house prices!

  3. Glad you like them, Rob! I'm real excited to see them all tarted up in their natural surroundings!