Friday, January 25, 2013

Fun Star Wars-ish Gaming!

In my Saturday game - Star Wars-ish, using StarCluster 3 suitably modified - the ship was being chased by an Imperial StarDestroyer. The captain flew it onto a desert planet with bad air, so that the Jedis and Padawan had to wear breathers outside. She set it down under a rock overhang, facing out, as a shuttle was sent down to follow them. The Jedis fanned out and took down a platoon of Stormtroopers, dressed in their uniforms, and walked to the shuttle, with the wookie and Salustan as "prisoners". They almost botched the signal to come in safe, but a Jedi Mind Trick on the commander led to him emptying the shuttle, which the Jedi took over. The Wookie flew it up to the Star Destroyer, where it was directed to land in Bay 3. As it did, the jedi saw that two officers and twelve stormtroopers awaited them.

The PCs set the engines to explode after twenty seconds, and succeeded in downing everyone but one stormtrooper and shutting the blast doors behind them before tine ran out. The shuttle exploded, and - while men from all over the ship raced to the bay to contain the damage, the PCs sped through the ship, cutting their way through two stormtrooper patrols and Mind Tricking another before they reached their goal, the engineering section at the stern.

They forced their way into Engineering, cowing any resistance and locking the engineers up in storage before setting the Star Destroyer's engines to overload, then smashing the controls - the Salustan was an ex-Imperial engineer who did an amazing number on them. They located (using LUCK) the captain's gig - a swanky atmospheric ship for impressing VIPS - and bulled their way through the service droids to get in. They had almost escaped when the Star Destroyer blew up. The rear of the gig got caught in the explosion and was on fire. The Wookie did a great job and crash landed the gig in the desert. They ran out of the wrecked and burning gig into the desert. Minutes later, the flaming Star Destroyer smashed in some miles away, sending out a huge blast wave, and covering the party in sand.

They were dug out and picked up by the captain and crew, and all left the system post-haste.



  1. Wow! I'd pay to go see that movie! What a ride!

  2. It was truly epic, Kobold! Exactly what we wanted! :D