Monday, April 7, 2014

Star Wars-ish Fun and Games!

Last night we ran Star Wars-ish again. The group were on Isis, looking for force crystals, when G2S4 informed the captain there was a large ship approaching the planet. The Isis system is a crossroads of trade routes, and the planet is hidden in thick asteroid belts. The PCs had found it by going up above the ecliptic and noticing the path the planet had carved through the asteroids. The planet had been a rebel base before Yavin IV, but it had been long abandoned.

The ship turned out to be a Manelorean frigate, and while the captain argued with them over comm, she flew the ship - and the little scout they had captured - into a bombproof hangar left over from the rebel base. The captain of the Mandelorean ship sent down 12 troopers in six modified escape pods, in full Mandelorean armor. They handed in a circle around the hangar and worked their way inward.

The three Jedi and two Padawans - Daycon had made the ship's Engineer, Lyssia, a Padawan when she tested high in Force potential - set out to take down the Mandeloreans, along with the rest of the crew.  The Captain, Sheraska, and Delilah, her number two, sneak killed three; Duke, Padawan Torota, and Hosea took down five between them, Dindar and G2 downed two, and Daykon and Padawan Lyssia took down the last two. Seven were dead, and five badly wounded. Torota and Daykon were lightly wounded, and were able to heal themselves.

The Mandelorean armor was tough - the energy weapons had a -5 to their TN - but the Jedi and crew still kicked ass.

The Mandelorean captain contacted Sheraska again, and they made a deal on comm. The Manedeloreans would give her 50% of the take from the salvage of the abandoned fortifications in trade for their dead and wounded and their weapons and armor, and a cessation of hostilities. When she asked where they were going next, the Mandeloreans implied they were staying right there, on Isis.

The captain put down her comm and said "We can't let them stay here. this trade route will be closed down." "How can we stop them?" "Any ideas?" Hosea thought, and suggested the Jedi and Padawans dump the dead Mandeloreans naked into the tunnels, and put on the armor and play dead. "Nobody watches dead men."

So they brought the dead into the hangar, away from the wounded, and put on the armor. They kept their light sabers inside their armor, and played dead while the crew carried them out.

A shuttle from the frigate landed, and twenty four troopers left is along with their captain, second, and third officer. They had the deal all set up on a pad, and both Sheraska and the Captain signed it. Mandeloreans are big on honor, and keeping their word. Hosea realized that the third officer was a highly trained dark Force user, and managed to pass word to Sheraska through Daykon, who was a better telepath.

The dead and wounded were loaded aboard the shuttle, and the Captain and second left with it, back to the frigate, leaving the third officer, the dark force user, behind with the troopers. The "dead" Mandeloreans were brought down to the bowels of the frigate, to be taken out of their armors and put in a freezer for later disposal.

The two crew assigned to this duty - probably as a punishment detail - were very surprised when the 'dead" woke up and killed them. All except Torota kept their armor, just taking out the light sabers, but because Torota was not human - she is an otter like alien with a strong tail she couldn't actually wear the armor, though being small and roughly humanoid she could fit inside it.

Torota became "the prisoner", and they cast subtle Jedi Mind Tricks to bolster this assumption. Lyssia said "Take me to the drives, and I can rig them to blow. I spent years in the Imperial Navy as an engineer." so they headed out towards the rear of the ship.

They passed by a couple of guards with their Mind Tricks, but when they got to the Engineering section, they were caught on camera, which showed them for what they were, and an alarm went off. Lyssia shorted the lock, and they poured into Engineering, taking out the crew while Lyssia rigged the drives to blow in five minutes, after looking up a schematic of the ship.

Lyssia led them up a different passageway, which brought them to a side corridor. With the alarm going, there were troopers in pursuit, and the door was closed, but Lyssia opened the door with a masterwork of electronic engineering - she stabbed the controls with her light saber in exactly the right place. They went into three empty escape pods, and jetted out, just as the frigate's drives exploded.

Meanwhile, the third officer, a twisted, repellent creature, decided to question Sheraska - he noticed there were no Jedi unlike the reports from the troopers. He took her aside to do so privately - he intended to use force lightning on her. The Captain told G2 and the Wookie to get the Albireo and scout ship ready to lift, and went off with him to some trees off to the side. Being fore-warned, she was ready for him, and when he raised his hands to apply the Force Lightning, she triggered her jet boots and soared up into the sky. The troopers grew alert and tracked her trajectory, and Delilah - taking advantage of the distraction - disappeared. Delilah is deadly when she sneaks.

The third officer ran towards the entrance to the hangar, calling on his men to "Stop her before she gets away!" They fired, but did not hit Sheraska. Delilah stood aside, hiding in a shrub, and sneak killed the officer as he ran by. Sheraska used a Luck, and the top hatch was open on the Albireo, so she dropped into it, telling G2 to get the ship lifting. Delilah then Force Jumped into the hangar and ran up the ramp as it closed. The Albireo and the little scout ship blasted off out of the hangar, with the trooper's blaster bolts ringing off the hull.

They located the three escape pods coming out of the exploding frigate, and the Albireo lowered it's cargo ramp and scooped up Hosea and Torota, and the lone Duke. Daykon and Lyssia, still in Mandelorean armor, were able to force jump from their pod to the scout ship. The Captain sent an anonymous message that there were twenty four Mandelorean troopers stuck on the planet, and the session ended.

Woot! Lots of fun was had by all, and this game is sooo freaking Star Wars like we are just loving it!


  1. Sounds like a great game. Will continue to look forward to reading more highlights. :)

  2. Oh, we've been having a blast! I'll continue to keep you up on what happens next! :D