Tuesday, July 12, 2016

StarCluster 4 Games Zero Stage and The Necklace Coming!

I am really excited! Starting the first of June, I sent out StarCluster 4 Zero Stage for beta test. From the wonderful feedback, I have continually been refining the game - I have actually recompiled the pdf over forty times since 6/1. I want to release it so badly - I mean even though I know it will drop out of sight like a stone dropped into the Atlantic, I'm still really proud of this game! - but I am determined to wait it out a bit more, for hopefully more feedback. In any case, I have converted The Necklace from StarCluster 3 to StarCluster 4, and am working on another new setting, Dark Orbital. The Necklace will not need further playtest - the setting was proved with the original testing, and the system is almost identical to Zero Stage, so I will release it when I release Zero Stage.

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