Sunday, February 5, 2017

In the Garden

This song was actually written in-character by an NPC in our High Strung game. It is sung from the viewpoint of Eve. It's a love song and a religious song at the same time.

In the Garden

copyright 2016 by clash bowley


In the garden of pure delight

We were walking through a waterfall of light

There was springtime all around

Birds were waking, a kaleidoscope of sound


Baby I hear you call and walk before I crawl

Baby won't you follow through the garden with me?

Baby can't you see? I'm on my bended knee

Baby won't you dance on through the garden with me

C'mon let's dance


In the garden of love and joy

We were talking, just a girl and just a boy

There was magic in the air

There was heaven in the scent caught in your hair



In the garden of secret fire

We were trembling on the edge of our desire

We were caught up In the glow

And we made love in the petals of the roses


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