Saturday, November 24, 2018

Ticket to Ride

We - that is the designers, Albert Bailey, Klaxon Bowley, and myself - have decided that space travel in our next game, StarCluster 4 - In The Beginning, will be on the Train or Cruises Ship model. This game uses the board game The Greatest Game as a setting setup for gaming in the Solar System of 2120+. This game is hard SF - we have boost-coast-brake at fractional G, no FTL, and no artificial gravity, but we are making it simple to work with, abstracting all the numbers as much as possible.

What I mean by the Train or Cruise Ship model is that if you want to travel between settled worlds/colonies, you buy a ticket and get a cabin, and you may have to change ships several times, with layovers, to get to your destination. It's a wonderful setup for roleplaying, and you don't have to go on-shift. :D


  1. Just got round to reading this... it sounds a lot of fun :)

    1. Richard! I want to talk! I just bought your Far From Spaceports series and will be reading them! My email is clashUNDERSCOREbowleyATyhooDOTcom - so send me something so we can get a conversation going! :D