Friday, February 12, 2010

Additive Primitive Fencing?

Oooh! I just had an idea! Additive primitive fencing! The fencer learns basic maneuvers - positions, thrusts, parrys, etc. - and strings them together into coherent, complex attacks. The character can string together as many primitives as he has ranks in the skill. That could be *very* interesting!



  1. The "scripting" systems in the Burning Wheel can be understood as a system of additive primitives. It's not explained this way, but mechanically that's how it plays out. (I actually find that the objection of "it's not realistic to choose your actions for three rounds in advance!" is best answered by saying they're primitives in one attack, not three.)

    One thing that it doesn't do is explicitly and strongly create synergies between primitives that are put in sequence, so it ends up less like a whole "attack" made of primitives than it does a sequence of simple actions that add up to a tactical effect on external variables (like health, holds, positioning, moral, etc.)

    Burning Wheel way of doing it is very crunchy too, so there's definitely unmined design space around the idea of sequenced actions. I'd love to see this idea explored in more systems.

  2. I'd like to see how this works out. I'm very very interested in doing a fencing focused game (sort of swashbuckling in space, but its more complex than that...)

    Yet coming up with a good, fun, and simple way to make fencing work and feel both somewhat tactical and being able to quickly spin off a combat scene.

  3. @ Sean:

    Thanks, man! :D

    @ d7:

    Yeah - I can see what you mean. I never thought of BW's scripting that way, but it makes sense. I've got an idea on how to deal with it, though! If I can pull this off... :D

    @ Tim:

    I intuitively like this idea - it feels elegant. I think I can doo some sweet work with this. As always, you're free to use it if I come up with something you like. :D