Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Saturday's Session

Last session, in our IHW:SC game, we decided to come up with grunt characters. Our ship, the Frigate Copperhead, carries 120 Marines and has six drop tubes, so it can land a respectable force, in fact the Marines far outnumber the Navy on this ship, but so far we have been only playing Navy Officers, with the Marines as faceless nobodies. The players each made a Marine character, with the highest rank being a Lance Corporal. Most of them were human, but we also had an alien who had grown up on a SaVaHuTa Space Habitat.

We were in the middle of a typical IHW:SC crisis - the embassy on Lemon, a Lepha - AKA Big Cat - world, had been invilved in a big hubbub. A Lepha had been shot dead on the Embassy grounds, and the Lepha were royally pissed. A sniper killed the Ambassador, and we flew in the new one from a nearby world. There had been several attempts to kill the new Ambassador, including a suicide bombing, but all had been defeated. We had ended up last mission by sending Marines after the body of a Lepha sniper the PCs had shot.

The sniper was in a parking garage some distance from the Embassy grounds, but overlooking them. The Marine Officer grabbed the sniper, but a Lepha mob was storming up the ramp after the PCs. She ordered the PCs to cover her as she got away with the body. The four PCs - the whacky Lance, a Viking-esque PFC, a sarcastic female Private, and the alien Recruit - were all wearing power armor, and the mob was unarmed and unarmored, so they confidently waded in. They took down a large number of Lepha, using non-lethal combat, but the mob was undaunted - made a morale check - and swarmed over three of the PCs, with only the Viking free.

The Viking got the Lance out, and the Private managed to free herself with unarmed combat. At this point, the Lance tossed a Talking Bomb into the crowd - it's a bomb that says "I am a talking bomb, and will explode in 5 seconds. I am a talking bomb, and will explode in three seconds. i am a talking bomb, and will explode..." BOOM! The mob failed it's morale and ran, they got the alien out, and A-Grav jumped out as the garage exploded behind them. The bomb killed all the Lepha they had put out of action non-lethally, and heightened the tension.

Next day, after some hijinks involving tying the alien's tail to his cot, then waking him with an alarm, with hilarity ensuing, the group was sent on a quick snatch and grab mission. An agent had managed to tag a noted rabble-rouser and the PCs were to grab him and detain him for questioning. This is, of course, very illegal. Just as the PCs were about to make a quiet grab, the target stepped into a waiting grav-car and sped away. The PCs had been using A-Grav flight, which is slow but silent, well above the Lepha crowd. Instead of dropping back and following, they decided to make the grab. They dropped to the street and used Grav-glides - like frictionless ice skates - to speed off after the grav-car.

They were spotted, and the target's body-guards started firing at the PCs out the back window. The PCs split up, two to flank the car on either side and two to follow, putting out the bodyguards. The guards were both shot, and the driver put the car into flight mode to get away just as he was shot. The Lance jumped onto the hood of the car, took out the windshield, and grabbed the target. They rendezvoused below building height, avoiding the police who were swarming about the area, and made it back to base. Tensions are ratcheted up another notch.

So far, things are progressing very well!


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