Thursday, February 2, 2012

Slylands and trade Routes in Avian Knights

I am thinking of the following for Avian Knights:
1: Resources are required to manufacture goods. Each good has different requirements.
2: Resources can be supplied from the region, from the skyland (Internal trade), or from other skylands.
3: Trade routes and trading partners can be set up between skylands, though these are not permanent - even setting aside war, the skylands are at the mercy of the wind, and trade routes can just get unwieldy. When a trade route is broken, a new source must be found.
4: Skyland to skyland trade routes heavily influence relations between skylands.

This should establish a trading game based not on ferrying goods from place to place, a la Traveller, but on exploration and diplomacy.



  1. It seems likely that they'd develop certain higher mathematical models for following the wind to help maintain trade routes, for as long as they could.

    At some point the cost to find new routes may be less than going to a significantly moved island, of course impacts can have a huge impact.

    Do any Skyland's merge due to contact?

  2. I wouldn't doubt they do, Tim. That would make perfect sense.

    As for skylands merging, that would only happen on purpose, as a result of planning.