Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Spaceship Shen Lung

My current StarCluster 3 face-to-face campaign - I am also running a SC3 IRC campaign - is an exploration game. The PCs are explorers, exploring a newly located wormhole, and rhw systems it leads to. Their company, Dragon Exploration, was low bidder, and they threw the thing together on a shoestring. They bought an old ship, kitted it out with extra fuel tanks for Antimatter, and four air trucks and six flycycles for on-planet exploration. Tonight, I'm going to share the ship with you. Here is the Shen Lung:

This is the View from overhead.

This is the Plan.

The crew sleep on the top deck, and movement up and down is via lift. The back of the ship opens up and access is via a ramp or the lift from underneath. The extra AM fuel is stored across from the WCs and Sickbay.

So far they have explored the first star system, signing trade contracts with a human planet, and are now talking with some interesting aliens, who they are afraid want to eat them.



  1. Your blog doesn't like big pictures :P

    Sounds awesome (like all your AP reports actually)

  2. Thanks Franck!

    And yes, it doesn't like big pictures at all. :D


  3. im a designer if you look me up i can do blueprints